my vision for pusd


I am running for the Board because I want to give back to the district that has served my children so well, and to do my part to help our community in these difficult times.  I will work to ensure fiscal responsibility with PUSD's budget while improving public education for all of our students.  Below are some of my highest priorities should I be fortunate to be elected.   


Improve Distance Learning

I want to see our kids back in school as soon as it is safe to do so.  Until then, with the reality of distance learning upon us, and no clear timetable for getting back to “normal,” we all must work together to make sure the children of Pasadena, Altadena and Sierra Madre receive the education they deserve.  Like you, I have seen the challenges of distance learning, both as a parent of three kids and as the husband of a teacher who had to adapt on the fly to developing lesson plans and online content.

Our teachers, administration and staff deserve our support as we navigate these uncharted waters together.


Grow the District

For too long, we have been resigned to declining enrollment as a given, with insufficient measures taken to market the district to families in the area.  I will look to find creative new ways to reverse the decline in enrollment, by working to unite our public school community so that we can spread the message of PUSD’s outstanding schools, far and wide.  I will also work to improve communication and responsiveness so that we do not lose the families that do enter the district.

Bring Equity to Our Schools

Closing the achievement gap will be among my highest priorities, as we look to bring equity to our education system.  PUSD has a long history of challenges that we can only address if we come together.  I believe we can reach consensus on a number of practical solutions to bring about a more equitable education system.  

To have success, we need to maintain an engaged student population, where all students needs are met. 



PUSD's campuses provide a range of options for families to consider.  In order to grow the district, we need to keep those options open for all of our students.

Challenge Our Students

Our students must be challenged to do their best and to have high aspirations.  We will maintain high expectations for all of our students.  I will work to improve and expand the district's relationships with colleges, such as the programs currently in place at John Muir Early College Magnet and Pasadena High School, which provide for transferable college credit while in high school.

Increase Funding for a Better Learning Environment

If elected, I will work to pursue available funding avenues to strengthen our district, such as the Bond that is on the ballot this year.  To remain competitive, our schools need new technology to improve the classroom experience.  I will advocate for improvements to our school facilities, and to move the district toward the goal of smaller class sizes, and an even safer learning environment. 

I hope you will support me on this journey.  



Wayne and I have been involved in numerous PUSD organizations over
the last 12 years.  What I've experienced is that he is willing to step up to take leadership roles when others won't. As a leader, when conflicts arise, he is skilled at listening to both sides of an issue, shows respect for both points of view, makes decisions based on facts, and most importantly, does what is best for the students. When Wayne announced his candidacy, I couldn't have been more thrilled to have such a qualified person running for the PUSD school board. I know he will make our children's education his number one priority.

Karen Delgado,

altadena residenT / Pusd parent

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