I am proud of the wide-ranging coalition of friends, neighbors, and community stakeholders who 

have announced their support for my campaign.  Below are a few testimonials, with more to come.   


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I have been part of the Pasadena community and a teacher in PUSD for
over 16 years. I support Wayne Hammack for school board because I have witnessed a person whose actions and countless volunteer hours make a positive impact on our kids. What I find most commendable is his commitment to support all students of PUSD and I know he will dedicate his efforts to give each one the opportunities for success.

Kristina Andrews,

PUSD teacher

Wayne and I have been friends since the 7th grade and played youth baseball together. He has been a brother to me through the highs and lows of life. I was honored to be the best man in his wedding as well as having him stand as my best man in my wedding. Wayne has always been responsible and set the highest standards, especially when it comes to academics. As an educator, I know he would be a great asset to have on the school board.

John Jacobs,

High School Teacher and Coach


Wayne and I have been involved in numerous PUSD organizations over the last 12 years.  What I've experienced is that he is willing to step up to take leadership roles when others won't. As a leader, when conflicts arise, he is skilled at listening to both sides of an issue, shows respect for both points of view, makes decisions based on facts, and most importantly, does what is best for the students. When Wayne announced his candidacy, I couldn't have been more thrilled to have such a qualified person running for the PUSD school board. I know he will make our children's education his number one priority.

Karen Delgado,

altadena residenT / Pusd parent

I met Wayne Hammack 12 years ago during my 16 year tenure as a teacher at Don Benito. During those 12 years, Wayne has impressed me countless times with his commitment to the needs of all students, and his willingness to volunteer his time and energy to meet those needs. Wayne is the kind of person who never says no when there is a job that needs to be done, and always gives any job the dedication and effort required to be sure it is done right. I am certain that if elected to the PUSD Board, Wayne will make good use of all of these qualities to meet the many, complex needs of our District. As a PUSD teacher and parent of two PUSD graduates, I am proud to endorse Wayne Hammack’s campaign for PUSD Board member for District 2.

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steve owen,

pusd teacher


Having known Wayne over the years I have come to understand that he has the best interest of the people he represents at heart. He always stands up for what is right and is willing to put in hard work to get things done. As an educator I believe that Wayne will use his abilities for the good of all Pasadena students and their families.

Domingo Najera,



“The best way to lead people into the future is to connect with them deeply in the present.

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